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Experimental Ability

2019-2021 years, the Division I according to ISO IEC 17025 standard laboratory system planning and construction of standard-party laboratory


Experimental category Experiment item Experimental range
Environmental performance Constant temperature and humidity temperature :-70~200ºC;relative humidity :20%–98%
Thermal Shock -40–200ºC
High temperature aging 250ºC Max
Vibration + temperature rise test Triaxial random vibration, acceleration 20g
Electrical properties Withstand voltage test 0–8KV
Insulation impedance 0–10GΩ
contact resistance 1μΩ–2KΩ
Temperature rise test Electric current 1000A Max. Comprehensive test of temperature rise, environment and vibration
Mechanical properties Drawing force experiment 10KN Max.
Plug and pull experiment Automatically set the number of pluggings on demand
Metallographic analysis of terminal section 0.35 – 500square
Protective performance Touch test IPXXD、IPXXB
Waterproof test IPX9K/IPX8/IPX7 test
Salt spray experiment Neutral salt spray 200H
Combustion experiment UL94 V-0;HB;VW-1
leak test 250Kpa Max