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Craftsmanship inherits classics, innovation leads technology

2020/02/24 15:46
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On December 10, the technical team of Guangdong Linyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. went to Guangzhou Ligong Industrial Co., Ltd. for a study tour and exchange.   


Guangzhou Ligong Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. After 34 years of development and innovation, it has become a high-precision technology company focusing on automation and pharmaceutical equipment. Guangzhou Ligong has achieved remarkable results in high-precision manufacturing, automation equipment development, and advanced enterprise management. It has not only become a key component supplier for Haas and other companies in the United States, but also an important partner of ABB in automotive automation production lines. Guangzhou Ligong has demonstrated the advanced layout of modern enterprises in the investment and use of high-precision equipment, especially in the deployment of advanced equipment such as five-axis machining centers and high-precision three-coordinate measurement systems. Sharp tool ". Under the warm reception of General Manager Li Qingguang, the technical team of Guangdong Linyi visited the future workshop, classic workshop, excellence workshop and discovery workshop of Guangzhou Ligong. The teams from both sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on high-precision machining, automation equipment, and personnel training mechanisms.
As a young high-tech connector of new energy high-voltage connectors, Guangdong Linyi has to learn from Guangzhou Ligong, a high-precision enterprise with 34 years of technology and culture. With the corporate mission of “making new energy power connections more secure”, Guangdong Linyi has a good opportunity to cooperate with Guangzhou Ligong in terms of automation equipment and so on, and looks forward to deeper cooperation and communication with Guangzhou Ligong. At the same time, like Guangzhou Ligong, Guangdong Linyi also has the spirit of craftsmanship, and is willing to make ingenuity in the field of high-voltage and high-current connection of new energy to achieve national brand.