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PRC500A high voltage connector

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Product Description

Product details of PRC500A high voltage connector


Product background:

This document mainly contains the relevant data of our PRC500A high-voltage connector. The PRC500A high-voltage connector is designed with a rated voltage of 1000VDC and a rated current of 500A. It has a 360-shielding function and meets the automotive's demanding waterproof requirements. -150mm cable verified by our experiments. The product is mainly used in battery, motor, motor controller and other scenarios. Our products have good electrical, mechanical and environmental performance, meet the EMC standards of the vehicle, and have a variety of product models to meet different needs.
Safety Precautions:
  • This product is used in high voltage and high current environment
  • 请正确安装、使用、维护产品;不正确使用产品可能会造成严重伤害以及损失
  • 如果产品出现被修改、损坏等非正常情况,请不要继续使用,以免发生意外
  • 在产品通电负载情况下,请不要插入或者拔出连接器
  • 请勿长时间过载使用,以免发生安全隐患


额定电流(DC)    500A Max.
额定电压(DC) 1000V
温度等级 -40°C to +125°C (含温升)
防火等级  UL94 V-0
使用寿命(次)  100 Min.
屏蔽  有
温控  有
键位  5 种


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